Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

ISO 9001:2015: Where the hell is "preventive action"?

Generationen von "Qualitätsmanagern" und "Qualitätsmanagementbeauftragten" wussten im Schlaf die Kapitelnummern der ISO 9001:2008 "corrective action"- 8.5.2  and "preventive action" - 8.5.3.

In der ISO 9001:2015 gibt es anstelle von "preventive action" "risk based thinking" (0.6 und A.4 in der aktuellen ISO DIS 9001:2014) sowie "actions to address risks and opportunities" (6.1 in der aktuellen ISO DIS 9001:2014).

"corrective action" gibt es weiterhin als "Nonconformity und corrective action" (10.2 in der aktuellen ISO DIS 9001:2014).

Decision making - myths and truths

ISO 31000:2009
Clause 3. c) "Risk management is part of decision making"

The myths: 
The boss does an evaluation of risks and opportunities as a base for decision.
The boss comes to a well balanced and transparent decision.

The truths:
The boss makes a decision.
The boss does not want to hear about risks.

Special thanks to e. k. for pointing this out.