Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

SI VIS - how to find risks / Risiken finden

SI VIS is an acronym of a management tool for risk management which stands for

S: Stakeholder: Interessierter, Interessierte Partei
I: Issue: Sache, Sachverhalt
V: Value: Wert
I: Interest: Interesse
S: Situation: Lage in Bezug auf günstige und gefährliche Umstände

and provides an easy and fool-prof pathway to identify risks and opportunities. It works nicely hand-in-hand with SWOT, a complementary tool for the search and identification of risks and opportunities of any kind for any organization.

The principle:
Stakeholders look at a certain Issue and thus give it a Value. Their Interest in the Situation is related to risk (dangerous circumstances) and opportunity (favorable circumstances).

The context:
This method will be applied in Clause 5 "Risk Management Process" / 5.3 "Establishing the context" in Standard ISO 31000.

The broadside:
Unfortunately, the standard IEC/ISO 31010 does neither address SWOT nor SI VIS.

The history:
SI VIS did evolve from practical work with the risk management Standards ISO 31000 and 31010.

Semantic note:
SI VIS is Latin and essentially means "If you want".

Legal note:
SI VIS is not registered as intellectual property, utility patent or similar and can be used freely like any other public domain procedure.